For Loren, The Horse Tooth Fairy

In September there was a terrible accident.

Loren (who is the Horse Tooth Fairy and the woman whose insights and skill restored Lily's health and done the same for so many other horses) was injured severely.

A horse she was working on kicked her in the head and trampled her. She had to be airlifted to the hospital, where she spent nearly a week in intensive care. She had a head injury and a broken knee.

Fortunately she got to the hospital quickly, and she's one of the more resilient people on the planet.

She is recovering, and we are all hopeful she'll be able to heal fully.  Only time will tell.

Like so many independent horse practitioners, Loren doesn't have health insurance.

Many of us have come together to help raise some money to help with some of the incredible medical bills. We're holding events, we're reaching out. If you've found this page we hope you'll make a donation. You can do it directly through paypal by clicking below to make a donation of any amount.

While Loren is doing her best to get back to work, the bills she is facing are daunting. Any help you can offer will mean so much!

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