Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to zero AGAIN

I tell you what, losing this one broke my heart a little.

Turned out when the stable owner went to bit her up she got very stubborn, and much training ensued.

Then in the arena she tried to get a one rein stop and the mare just kept circling.

"No, no, she's more greenbroke than I was told," she said.

This one comes right up to you, wants to be with you, wants to sniff everything and with all the goings on, never spooked.

But I don't need a green horse.

And it just breaks my heart because her personality was perfect.

I feel like I'm that person at the restaurant who orders off the menu, then proceeds to modify the entire meal.

I didn't think I was that picky, but this process is teaching me that having any standards is being picky.

And I found out this morning that the gorgeous buckskin was sold.

So I'm BACK to ZERO.

oh darlin. Did you HAVE to break my heart?


Kate said...

Sorry it didn't work out - she's very pretty, but it's important to know what you need and want and not get something else. Keep looking - your horse is out there!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh sorry. She sure is pretty...and cute. My mare, even at 16 still balks at taking the bit sometimes. It just takes some patience and perserverance and she'll finally take it. But, jeez, you'd think a 16 yr old horse wouldn't have those types of problems.
I think I'm learning that all horses are more like little children. Some days they do everything you ask with no complaints and are very agreeable and obedient.
Other days, they balk, act stubborn, cause a fit, or act like they've never seen or done what you've asked of them ever before. lol!

Good luck with your horse searching. I just know the RIGHT HORSE is out there waiting for you. Just be prepared to be open-minded and compromise just a little bit...on the small stuff (just like when house shopping) *wink*


SolitaireMare said...

Sorry she did not work out for you. I understand your disappointment. I also know that searching for horses - while it sounds fun - can become very trying, very quickly.

You will find one and I hope that horse gives you all you need.

Cherie said...

I went back and watched the video of this mare several times. Dang, she is sweet, very well put together, and is giving her rider a HUGE amount of try. Here are things I appreciated.

1. She makes transitions without hesitation and not the slightest sign of back humping or protest.
2. She is paying attention to her rider and is doing what she is asked.
3. The dog ran right in FRONT of her at the canter and she did not even flinch.
4. She looked ROCK steady on the trail in the midst of all kinds of potentially horse eating things.

She was NOT comfortable with the bit. She kept making small movements with her nose and mildly fighting the bit with her mouth. It seemed to me that when asked to give her head to the right, she would, but protest with her mouth, nose, and a few flicks of her tail.

It looks like a simple snaffle, but is it? A friend has a nasty bit that looks benign but is made of narrow, twisted wire. Yuck!

If this was me, I would continue to explore possibilities with this mare. Has she had a dental exam? Does a bitless bridle make a difference (I use one 98% of the time)? Do you have access to a former owner to ask about bits? With her lower price, would you have a balance left for a month of training?

She just seems pretty sweet to me. When I got Red, I visited him many times, each on at different times of the day. I wanted to work with him on the ground, just hang out with him, and see how he interacted with him environmnet and other horses.

If you work with a trainer, or have a friend who does, might you ask them to evaluate the video of this mare.

Just think she is worth a second and a third thought.

good luck,


Breathe said...

She is a good mare, and she hadn't offered a hard time with the bit before. Horses can be moody, and mares more so I've heard.

She rode much more green when I went to see her than she did in the video. The video was her first day at the stable. Now she'd settled in. Usually it goes the opposite.

I like her, but I was already worried about her experience level. Given my shaken confidence, I think I have to keep looking.

But maybe I'll check in on her...