Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lookie! I'm getting a SLANT!

I can't believe it, but I'm finally going to have a horse trailer!

My very own, not rented, not borrowed, complete with a tack room, ever so cool, HORSE TRAILER!

This means I can go places! Like to the lake to trail ride! And to the park to trail ride! And to the vet to... get shots!

Oh my goodness, you'd think I was getting a HORSE or something.

And I sold my saddle!

And I have a new horse to look at in the morning!

I guess I just needed to get to the 20s in July. :)

Here's another picture.

I think I need pads.

It's a 2004 Chapparal. It's got the tack room in the front, just like I like.

I'm sooo excited!

(BTW, very cool post on a Mark Rashid clinic at A year with horses... I've already put one of the ideas to work!)


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Looks nice!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh yesss! Very nice rig there! I am buying my first too, right now!
I got to use it once before I had to give up the truck back to it's owner...slept in it horse camping...!haha!
You will be such a happy girl, I know...love independance!
kacy w/ Wa mare~

allhorsestuff said...

Ps..did you jsut spray pain ti? I see the whilte line around the grass!

jacksonsgrrl said...

YEEEESSSSS! Congratulations are in order!!!! Wooohooo! You put the cart before the horse---but in this case it is certainly NOT a bad thing! We went on a trailride at Bandera State Park on Sat. and I was home by 12--since the kiddo doesn't even get up till 11 I didn't feel too guilty leaving on a day off! Soooo, if you want to ride before fall just give me a couple dates and we'll set it up. I will be in Philly with the family 31 July-7 Aug. I know you're busy finding your new horse so I understand if you want to wait!! But a new trailer MUST be tried out! How is Lily on trails? I am envious of your purchase, but I am so poor as a single mom I just consider myself lucky to HAVE a horse and good friends who don't mind hauling my horse too!!!
Congrats again!!!!

Unknown said...

It's arriving today. Good eyes, Kacy! The man refurbished it and painted it right on his lawn. LOL

I'm totally camping in it - I told my daughter your story and she was all into it.

Mindy, I'm going to have a horse this weekend. I can feel it. I'm going tonight to dragonshire stables in spring branch and they've got two possibilities.

Then we are on the road!!!!

Bandera sounds fantastic (more on your blog). I wanna go!!!

Michaela said...

WOW! Great trailer!!!

PRS said...

I bought my first horse trailer a year ago. The feeling was the same as when I got my first car. I felt free, no more begging rides. No more staying home when I could be at a trail ride because I couldn't get a ride. No more having to conform to someone else's schedule. True freedom with my horses! Congratulations.

Flying Lily said...

Congratulations on the beautiful trailer and the freedom!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new trailer - I have a (very big) 4-horse slant and wish I had a 2, and a smaller truck than my (very big) F-350 with its 8-ft. bed and dualies. My truck and rig are great for cross-country journeys - nothing better - but for just tooling around or going on a trail ride, a small rig would be nice.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats! That such a nice trailer, too!
Have no trailering advice for Lilly, though, but I know someone else will...and you'll have it figured out soon.