Thursday, July 9, 2009

My upcoming blind dates.

(Update: Pokey sold and can't reach the folks with Butter. So I'm back to zero. sigh)

(Update #2: Now Butter's price doubled! (a mistake the guy says) So I'm back to zero AGAIN).

Here are two I'm looking at this weekend.

I hate blind dates.

I just got the Horse and Rider with great suggestions on what to look for in your next horse.

  • They have the usual tips:
  • Match your energy level
  • Get a vet check
  • Find someone who can help you see past love at first sight
  • Lope the horse.

A couple things I'm going to do:

  • Lead the horse to prime cribbing targets (I had a woman try to sneak past a cribber on me)
  • Try to spook
  • Cinch
  • Promise to sleep on it and
  • see at least 3 horses.

Other ideas?

On the saturday list

Here's Pokey:
Stout Gelding, 15.3 h tall, well mannered, loads, ties, great for the farrier. No vices. Not a kids horse, but well trained.

  • Location: Comfort
image 1258685839-0

Here's Butter

9 year old Palamino, 15.2h very muscled

Butter is a good horse with a great handle. He stands for farrier, tacking, mounting and grooming. He trailers like a pro. He is very stocky and well muscled making him suitable for all sizes of riders. He neck reins great and backs with ease. He is the type of horse you can leave in the pasture for months and then catch him and take off riding without worry. He is current on shots and worming. He also has a fresh set of shoes. I am selling him due to finacial reasons or he wouldn't be for sale. I have ridden him down trails at the river and also through town. He is a very well behaved horse and laid back, so he would make a good horse for children. He does have a good handle but he wont go any faster then you make him. You don't have to take him to the round pen to work him down before you ride him, just tack up and go. He does NOT bite, kick, rear, or buck. He has no bad habits and would make anyone a great horse.


restoration42 said...

When I was horse shopping I took a friend, my horse consultant. I also took lots of photos of each horse. Wish I had thought to take videos. I had a clipboard with me and took consistent notes. I then had a vet check on my top contender, she didn't pass the vet check - arthritis in her left hind fetlock and she was only 8 years old. Then I saw Red's poster at the feed store. Went to visit - knew he was my horse. Go figure.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Winter---Good luck on your search! Wish I had advice, but when I bought Jackson I did EVERYTHING wrong. I just got lucky that my heart and instincts have proved correct! Read my other reply regarding riding on Crib Notes...oops.
If you are going to be in town tomorrow, we are having another fundraiser for Triple H, a "Wild West Funfest" from 10:30a-4:30p. Tickets are $7 with 12 & under free. It's at Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne...242 State Hwy. 46 W. Boerne 78006. It is a ranch set up like a Western town with cowboy singers & poets, food, clowns, steer rides, artisans, vendors, wagon rides, wild west reenactments, exotic animals, a Hannah Montana impersonator (not a draw for me I tell ya...), and live music all day. My # is 210-643-5291....maybe you can make it!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Watch the owner tack and ride and then tack and ride yourself. Get a copy of the pedigree. Ask the owner to do things you'd want to do with the horse and then do them yourself. Can you get the horse on a 30-day trial? If Butter has Impressive in his pedigree, make sure he's been tested and isn't HYPP positive - that heavy muscling makes me think about it - although that just may be how he looks.

Good luck with your search!

Anonymous said...

Pokey was a little tall, in my opinion. I know your other horse was short and you're anxious to go tall, but be careful what you wish for. But a smooth trot might make up for it.

Be of'll happen!


Unknown said...

Have fun with this! It isn't something you get to do every year and enjoy every minute of it. Can't wait to hear your report! Carmon