Friday, July 10, 2009

Dumped by my blind dates


Both horses I was going to see are out - one's price doubled, the other got sold.

I'm looking at this one tomorrow morning, maybe the other on Sunday.

This one is at the top of my price range, but is 16 years old already. That's 4 years older than I was hoping for.

Experienced playday gelding, moving and want a new project. Sound, no vices, a joy to ride. 14.3hh, white/grey flea bit, very stocky build. Anyone can ride, great for girls getting into barrel racing!! Getting coggins renewed this or next week. Call or e-mail for more info, open to all trades.

This one is the right age, but he sounds a little dominant once I pushed the issue - protective of the mares which could be a problem with Lily. Plus his build seems ... odd. Or these are just really bad pictures. Very cheap, at the bottom of my budget.

I have a 6 yr old strawberry roan gelding for sale. appro. 15 hh+. His previous owner was a couple of kids so he is pretty bombproof. He loves to do trails and he probably can be used for playdays.

Here's two late additions: One a trainer in DFW has in mind (the bay), the dun is north of Austin.

Love the bay. Want the bay. LOL

So we shall see. I'll post pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

No way on that strawberry roan. He's in bad physical condition, and that description already tells you the owner hasn't ridden that horse and knows nothing about him. No horse is bombproof, especially not a 6 year old. And saying that he's PROBABLY bombproof because he was owned by kids at one point? No way. Do NOT waste your time. That horse is emaciated right now. He could become something very different on feed. Too many strikes against that horse. You MIGHT get a steal, but you'd be playing long odds.


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe that roan horse isn't too skinny, but he's a terrible looking horse in every picture. No withers, and just bad conformation in general.


Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING wrong with a 16 year old horse, if he's perfect in most every other way. Good size, age, and description. I'm not too fond of his color - I like them more grey and less white, but it has potential if YOU like that color.

- Trailrider

Breathe said...

I do think I'm going to skip the roan. There's something gomer pyle about that horse.

I like white horses. All the good guys ride white horses. :)

Still, loving that bay.

Mrs Mom said...

That bay is sharp! ;) The roan horse... wellllll.... I dont know if photography could make a really decent horse look that rough, so I'd suspect something there. All I can say nice about him is he has good bone and a nice big foot.

Looking forward to hearing how things go!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The price doubled? That is so ridiculous. I think it is fair for sellers to warn buyers that the price will go up a little with more training, but I had the seller of my gelding raise his price $500 in just one week, and that was only because her friends convinced her that she wasn't asking enough for him. I also suspect that a part of her didn't want to sell him to a non-show person, so she was trying to make his price out of reach for me. She was surprised when I whipped out my checkbook. I could tell she wanted to raise the price more before I signed the check. Years later she bragged to me that once she decides on a price for a horse, she never goes back on it. I laughed at her and reminded her that she jacked up the price on the horse I bought from her. She denied it at first, and then tried to make excuses. She claimed the first price was a special deal just for me if I bought him that day. Right. The reality was that she got on the phone with all her friends telling them that someone came out to look at her gelding, and her friends started pointing out all the good things about the horse, convincing her to ask for more money. One woman even said she would buy the gelding if he were 4-years-old as opposed to a yearling, which convinced her that she could get a bidding war going. Ultimately, I saved her a lot of money by buying him as a yearling and paying for all his feed and vet care during those years that he couldn't be ridden. I may not be showing him and advertising the seller's breeding skills, but he's a very well cared for, very happy horse.

Life at Star's Rest said...

That's too bad on the first two. I'm with you on the roan. As for 16, my last dressage horse who I gave to one of my students when I retired him, is 31 now and still going out on trailrides every week.

I like the bay too but them I'm partial. ;)

Can't wait to see photos!


jacksonsgrrl said...

NO on the roan unless you have lots of money for groceries!!!! He is SKINNY!!! I vote for the chestnut above the bay!!! NICE. If you don't find anything hit me an email. My friend just bought a beautiful horse (here in SA) and he comes with a guarantee! Reputable place and if the horse doesn't work or isn't what they say it is, you bring it back and get what you want! To me it seems like a great idea and for her (it will be her hubby's horse and he is a novice rider) it makes sense. Of course, I didn't do it in any logical way and I would never recommend following your heart like I did. Even though it worked out, I had BIG FAT SUCKER pasted on my forehead. I just got lucky that I bought from an honest seller and she went down $3,000 b/c she needed to pay her heating bill!!! My dressage trainer tells me I got a STEAL (which I know!!!) and I am thankful everyday for my wonderful boy. Is the bay out of your price range? If not, check him out!!! I like the chestnut but that is because the two horses I have owned have (coincidentally) been the EXACT same color as my hair! I'm partial. I always say I want a bay and then.....
:) Mindy

Breathe said...

I appreciate all the advice. Looking at so many horses has been very educational. Finally I'm getting a little practice on conformation. I've never really known much (is it painfully obvious), but the crash course is incredible.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

I like the bay... and the dun might be a lot different that he looks, it's a bad picutre.

Trailrider said...

Like the bay...but the dun isn't terrible looking; I'd like to see him without the saddle. How tall is the dun?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love the bay, too. He has something gentle and calm about him. Soft eye, relaxed neck...interested and curious...confidant. The roan is goofy. lol! He looks pushy and less respectful as if he's have no problem with running you over to get whatever he thought you might have in your pockets.
The chestnut/dun has wonky feet. Are they chipped and cut too short? I don't know...they just look odd to me. He does have a nice head...but I can't see his back. I'm always nervous about horse for sale photos where they don't let you see their backs and entire body.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh and I meant to add...who stole that roan's hip, croup and butt? My llamas have a bigger butt than he has. You know what they say, all the power of a horse comes from behind. They are not meant to pull themselves around....a horse pushes from behind. How is that boy ever gonna carry anyone without straining himself? And what kind of ride would that feel like anyway?