Sunday, July 26, 2009

We have a winner! (I hope)

The end???

Sometimes you just have to break all the rules.

All of them.

For weeks I've been following the rules.

Carefully combing through ads.

Getting pictures and interviewing owners in depth.

Running everything through my check list.

And so far it was getting me nowhere. Every horse had issues. Significant issues.

So today I didn't follow any of the rules.

I met up with a trainer a friend recommended, Audrey Tomlin.
She told me she had 4 horses or so for me to look at.

Now, Audrey doesn't usually work in my price range.
She works one decimal point over.

But she's got a good heart and even greater patience.

She doesn't send me any pictures.
She doesn't give me much information about
the horses, just their ages, gender and color.

But I'm just happy to be looking at a bunch of
horses in one day. Better odds, I figure.

First of all I drive WAAAAY out. About an hour and a half away.
Little did I know that would be the shortest leg of the trip, practically.

Our first stop ... doesn't go so well. An auction gelding with no buck who then... bucks. He was actually very quiet and relaxed with me, but nervous for the owner who has just had him out on hay. He's soft and has a great whoa, but has lost a lot of muscle.

He's a horse that tries and worries.

Look at him. I just wanted to embrace him utterly.

I could tell he's a smart, soft horse that just needs someone to take him in. But I can't go to bucking camp again (I think he'd do great with a gentle hand and some ramp up time). If we had our own place, though, I'd take him home and just take my time, let him learn to trust.

But that's not where we are right now.

So we leave to our next stop.

Then I meet HIM.

And it's like ZING! I know that look, that's the look I've been searching for.

His current name is Lobo, but he's no wolf.
He's a big cuddly puppy dog, who is one honest horse.

A horse so honest that I trusted him completely - enough to...


I cantered! It was ugly (I couldn't even remember to give him the correct lead and he dutifully took off on the wrong one) but I was so excited I could barely keep my heart in my chest.

He's wonderful. I'm sold.
He's at the top of my budget, and I still need to hear from the
owner to be sure she'll take what she told Audrey.

I know she wants him to go to a loving home. And I've definitely got that.

Plus he'll be a lifer. He'll retire with us, wherever we end up.

So, hopefully, if all goes well, he'll be coming home...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Woot! Woot! I hope he works out for you. He sure is cute. And you know he'd do great on the trails if he ever sees a bunch of pack llamas, since he's pastured with llamas. lol!

The name Lobo makes me smile and reminds me of a horse my 12 year old twinling rode during a camp last summer. His names was Wolf (same as Lobo) and he had a barrel just about as big a round as a small Sequoia tree. lol!
His name was Wolf, my sons found out, not because he was some kind of wild wolf horse.....but because he wolfed down his food. lol!

That crazy lazy horse refused to move not for all the kicking, prodding, and even smacking that my son and even the camp counselor tried to do. I bet he would have moved wel, and even done tricks, if my son would have tied a carrot to a string attached to a long pole....and then dangled it in front of Wolf's nose.

Good luck with Lobo. I look forward to an update soon.


That other guy...poor thing. He has the most worried eyes. He reminds me of Shelby over at the horse rescue. :(

Anonymous said...

What a cute horse - love that face! Hope it works out for you!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I hope this is the horse. The look that the horse gives you when you first meet is very important. It tells you how easy or difficult it will be for you two to connect. Gabbrielle couldn't take her eyes off me when I first met her. I couldn't take my eyes off her, because she was so stunning. The breeder was demonstrating each horses movement in the aisle of the barn, because it was raining outside. All the other horses ran as far away from me as possible, but Gabbrielle kept running right up to me and stopping beside me. I knew she was the one. Just yesterday my husband was saying that even though we got her for half-price, he would have paid full price for her, because she's the perfect horse for me.

Life at Star's Rest said...

Love him! Sweet, sweet face and if he gave you that kind of confidence right off the bat, then you've got a winner! I'll be praying that all goes well with the current owner and the sale goes through with no catches. Yay! Carmon

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

What a cutie! I like him! I dont know about you but I find it really hard to feel confident on horses I dont know so am always impressed with a horse that inspires my trust right away. Having been in your shoes (to a certain extent) I know how important such a simple thing as comfort can be when you've lacked it for so long. Good luck to you! Even if this horse doesnt work out, it is still the first step in your journey towards having a horse that will LIFT YOU UP and let you fly! (in spirit)

Melanie said...

"...dutifully took off on the wrong lead."

I say you have a keeper. And he is handsome to boot. :)

PS-I kind of like the name "Lobo," because wolves are loyal, trustworthy, and steadfast partners. It is just our white culture that throws a negative light on them. :)