Monday, February 1, 2010

Freezing alternatives

Riding? Riding?

Well, that WAS the plan. Then I looked outside at this.

I may be determined, but I do draw the line at 35 degrees. Or in the case of today, 20.

This is the weirdest winter. With all due respect, I'd like to ask all the northerners to please get a little tighter hold on their weather pattern because it's definitely leaking all over us southerners.

So, with some reluctance I packed up the trailer and headed over to the barn to drop it off.

I did, however, decide to bring my assistants for entertainment.

Because I'm crazy, that's why.

Roxie, after she gave me a heart attack by nearly running into stalls and getting killed, ran like a little maniac through the hills.

Fortunately she had her good friend, Bella, to run with. She's the one that DOESN'T bark at the abandoned boats, the horses, the donkey, or the pallet. Roxie, on the other hand, is... well, she's a puppy. We'll cut her some slack.

I eventually convinced her the boats weren't going to eat her but the horses might dismember her.

Someone explain to me why she acted scared of the boats, which don't move, but wanted to run under the wire and commune with the hooves?

Bella has been feeling her age lately (she's always had bad hips, but lately she really seems to be feeling it), but she lost all sense of time in the hills. She ran like a puppy, dashing through cedar and live oak, up hills, splashing through the mud.

With her little friend by her side.

I hope it gets back to normal Texas winter soon. Fifties, sunshine, and lots and lots of riding.


Susan said...

The weather can't decide what to do here. We might get one more really cold spell this month, oh well. Great shots of your dogs.

Tammy in TX said...

Amen girl! I am tired of this northern type weather! No riding for us in Fort Worth either, but I did get some barn chores done and had the farrier out Sunday.

Michelle said...

Ha! I got a giggle out of that, well put. That weather is leaking all over us here too, messing up our 360-days-of-sunshine-a-year thing.

The girls are cute, zipping around through the trails. That cold weather sure does give them a spark, doesn't it?

Leah Fry said...

AMEN, sistah. This is Texas and it's not supposed to be this cold!

Unknown said...

we had 70 degrees outside here today! Felt so good after the storm and power loss! Still muddy though, in Milpitas, just north of San Jose CA

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It's been so cold here that our snow isn't even melting! That's unusual for the Sunshine State, um, er, the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. We WERE the Sunshine State until Florida took it, you know.
Love the dogs running. They sure had fun.

Tara said...

Wow, your Bella looks a lot like our old dog, Bear. Is she German Shepard mixed with Chow by chance? lol