Sunday, February 21, 2010

Help Amigo


There's an incredible story on Equestrian Vagabond about Amigo - a horse the owner refused to give up on. Despite this:

His 9-year-old Arabian endurance horse was standing apart from his herdmates with a tree branch impaled imbedded in his side.

"I couldn't talk," Gary said. He did manage to call his veterinarian, Dr Martin, and his girlfriend Kara Disbrow. "He was incoherent," Kara said.

Though they still don't know what happened, Gary and Kara surmise Amigo either slid in the mud into a tree, or a tree fell on him in the 110 acres where Amigo and his two buddies roam. One veterinarian later deduced that Amigo had had the stick lodged in him for 10-12 hours before Gary discovered him.
Visit the blog for the entire AMAZING story of a horse and owner who kept up the fight against the odds.

I made a donation (click here to learn how you can help) to the fund to help pay some of the vet bills. Not much, but I'm a big believer that even $10 can matter - if you can get others to help.

How about it? Can you take lunch to work one day next week? Skip a few lattes? Rent an old movie instead of a new release?

I'm in DC, where cynicism is high, politicians break your heart, and monuments can seem empty.

But love still reigns in this world. It makes me determined to keep up the good fight.

Ride those horses - or at least give them a big hug today!


Fragrant Liar said...

WHOA! How often do you see THAT? Gives me the willies.

Leah Fry said...

I would have been incoherent too!

Susan said...

I agree on sharing. there's abundance for all when we share.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Yikes. I would die. Yes, I plan on auditing at least a day or two of your clinic! Weekends are getting really hard to pull a riding date, and Linda and I ride mostly during the week... She has decided to go back to school full time AND work full time, so in order to also have our weekly Wed. riding day of sanity she is now working most Sats! Also, she is going to Boston for like 10 days in March. I'm mad at her. Who goes back to school to get out of nursing? OK. Yeah. I'm super jealous...:)
Any chance you are ever free on a Wed? If not, we'll just have to figure it out, but it may be April!! AGGGHHH...

Mikey said...

That's an amazing injury! Wow. Yep, I would have been incoherent too.