Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bleah and more bleah

Now my little girl is sick. She's got a tummy version, though. And it was her favorite pizza.

I know, I know, TMI...

Yesh. She's resting. But I think its going to be a looong weekend. Especially for hubby.

Here's a picture I've meant to post - it's a bottle buried in the ground near a restuarant. And the grass is growing inside it.

Weird, right?

So am I bored or what?


I've been informed it will "feel like 8" tomorrow.

Why do they do that? That whole "feel like" thing? It's like charades: sound like nose? Hose? Whose? Whose coming to dinner?

It's 8 or it's not 8, it's 14. Let's not make it worse.

Either 14 or 8, I'll be in bed. Going out of my mind.


Anonymous said...

May everyone in your family feel better!

Melanie said...

Oh... I am sorry to hear that you and your daughter are feeling under the weather....

And, as someone who does not like the cold either, I am sorry to hear/see that your state is under a very cold spell.

Get well and stay warm. :)

Leah Fry said...

YUK. Hope everyone recovers soon. It was 7 this morning. Lord knows what the wind chill was. This is Texas -- it's not supposed to be this cold!

Unknown said...

No kidding, this weather is terribly misplaced.

Kate, come and get your weather, please.

Michelle said...

Sorry, once it's below 20 (aw, hell, let's be honest here: 40) it's all the same - MISERABLE. At least you chose this awful weather time to be sick so you're not missing out on any fun stuff!