Monday, January 18, 2010

For our Appy fans: Domino

Here's more info on the Appy:

He is a really nice horse. I do know his history, and yes, he could be considered beginner safe. I got to ride him yesterday on trail, by himself and he was great. I rode both of these horses several weeks ago, and have ridden them on occasion in the past. Here is some information that I put together for an ad, I do have some folks who are interested in him, just have not taken the time to show them yet. I wanted to get to know them a little better so i could represent them and place them well. They both deserve good homes.

Here's the ad:

Gorgeous appaloosa gelding, lots of color, approx 14.2 hands. He is very sane and calm and easy going with good manners, he loves people and is easy to ride. Stands for mounting, saddling, rides in a snaffle, and stands tied up for hours. He is a great horse to have around and is great for the blacksmith and vet. No vices, does not kick, bite, crib, etc. He been well cared for, and is an easy keeper, is in good flesh. This is a horse you will have fun with, he is very sane, does not get nervous, buck or bolt, and a fun ride. He gets right in the trailer, rides out on the trail in a group or by himself, and rides along calmly on the trail w a dog running in and out of bushes. He currently is barefoot and seems to be fine w no shoes! He is great on the trail , not spooky and a lot of fun. This horse gets along w other horses, and your going to love him. He is sweet , and will follow you around, is easy to catch , and loves people. He is located in Canyon Lake area, reply to Donna at 830-906-4315

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY IF YOU ARE A HORSE TRADER.... TO GOOD HOME ONLY!!!! Serious inquiries only please. This is really a nice horse!

I can attest that this horse is over the top pocket pony and so fuzzy!

Anyway, he's just a little doll.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Gosh he reminds me of our old guy Freedom. I wish he was closer...

Gail said...

I believe that ap has the best tail I have seen on one.

Good luck, he's a handsome one.

Breathe said...

He's so sweet. I suspect she'll find him a home quite readily.

Kate said...

Very cute - I hope he finds a great home soon!

One Red Horse said...

Sorry I missed the beginning of the story. He sort of sounds like your dream horse.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

They 'both' deserve good homes? What s the information on the other one???

He's cute! How many hours away is he from Tijeras, NM? And what are they asking for him?

He sounds like he'd be a welcome fit for you, too. ;)


Leah Fry said...

Is he for sale or just looking for a good home? I have a great place and 2 buddies, but no money. How old is he? I know he's close enough for me :-D

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Winter,

I can't find your e-mail addie. I called and left a message. I hope it was the right #? Said it was a storage facility.
I wanted to know how old he is and if he also does well with kids, too. Do you think he's built like Rosie...stocky enough for me? I'd love it if I could find a horse that both me AND my kids could ride. I never could trust Baby Doll with my kids.

I'm wondering if I should drive the 15 hours down there or if I could fly? Which airport is the closest/easiest? Austin or San Antonio?

Twinville2 @ yahoo dot com


Leah Fry said...

Talked to Donna. Offered a forever home. Naturally, if she can sell him and get money, that's what she needs to do, but you never know.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Gosh, he reminds me a lot of my Scout, from the back, same size and everything!

Michelle said...

He's so cute! I wish I was closer (and could afford a second horse).