Friday, January 8, 2010

Sick and day dreaming

Yesterday at about 3 am I felt something come in and sit on my chest. It laughed maniacally and then set about establishing a base camp in my throat and punched me in the ribs. I did okay most of the day, but last night was miserable. And now I can't talk above a whisper.

Today I'm just lieing here with Roxie by my side. She's on the look out for further invaders. (a little late, frankly, but petting a puppy is therapeutic)

It's nice having a little dog you can have on a bed. And still have leg room.

I'm even MORE excited about the clinic after reading all the comments yesterday. Of course I haven't seen my horse for days. But hopefully I got the 24 hour version of this and not the 7 day version.

I have great timing though. It's 18 degrees outside. 18!!!!

We do not do 18. Curse you Arctic Blast!

So I'm counting on you people to post today. I am living vicariously through you! Especially after I spent time at Sarah Andrew equine photography site! Check out her lovely photos for 2009 right here.

See you soon...


Michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon! Get some great cuddling in with your pooch. Oh, and I love Sarah Andrews. She's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Please feel better!

Anonymous said...

Watch out for this one...I have heard about a bad chest cold going around this year. Maybe keep the antibiotic option in mind. Hope you feel better soon, but you're right good timing. We're about 10 degrees here in CO.

Tammy in TX said...

So sorry you are sick! Even if it is too cold to go out and play with the ponies, sick is just no fun!

What part of TX do you live in? I live in Fort Worth. If you are near there, I know what kind of yucky weather you are getting!

Get well soon! And thanks for checking out my blog! Oh, and I will keep an eye out for a good TWH for ya!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well that stinks. Hope you feel better soon.

Gail said...

Get well quickly!

Unknown said...

Thanks everybody!

HP: Ah! I have to look out for chest colds, I've had walking pnuemonia and am very susceptible to getting it again.

Tammy: I'm in between Austin and San Antonio is lovely Canyon Lake. On the TWH, we are looking for a black gelding, big enough to handle a pretty big guy. Hubby is not tall, but a bit wide. LOL