Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting organized (got any secrets to share?)

Okay, enough with the metaphors. Let's get organized.

Now that I'm... ahem... CANTERING, I think it's high time I get my trailer organized.

Don't you?

So I'm going to show you my largely blank canvas and see what you think.

I need advice. And since there are so many experience folks here... Bring it on!!

For example - this is my door.

It's got a window, so I've got a half space to work with. I've seen those trailer pocket things, but they seem to require a full door. Still if I can find one, I think this is the place for it. Usually I see brushes and hoof picks and such. I'm going to buy a set for the trailer, so I can stop packing for every trip.

Cuz I plan to do more traveling, ya know.

Then I have a modest set of hooks.

Inside I've got six hooks - two holding a manure fork, one holding a shovel, and the rest for helmets and bridles.

Then I bought this to carry hay in. I fill hay bags from this, because I found hay bags to be a big leaking mess. This way I fill hay at the location. There's still hay everywhere, but it's not as bad.

This is my assistant.

She seems unclear on how to properly stow the girth.

She is persistent, though. I appreciate that in an assistant. To a point.

I think she's trying to fold it. Good girl, Roxie.

Okay, back to work. I tried the haybags here, but they didn't really work.

I only have two saddle racks, because one broke. I definitely need to replace that.

The single most useful tool in my trailer (next to the manure fork). I think I need to expand my tool box a bit, though.

Found a safe place for my paperwork - coggins, emergency info, etc. And this shoe holder will do to hold things for now.

On my list:

I need an emergency trail kit (what should go in there?), a set of brushes, an emergency boot. Tools to change a tire (something to roll the trailer on if I get a flat, for example.).

What do you carry in your trailer? Any tips (like the shoe holder) to make the most of a modest budget?


Life at Star's Rest said...

My trailer essentials:
* hammer (to tap the hitch spring lever into place so the lock can slide down)
* wide flat head screw driver to pry said hitch spring lever open again
* gorilla duct tape
* twine or rope
* hitch lock (in case you are forced to leave your trailer without your truck)
* flares and those little warning triangles
* flashlights (at least two in case you lose your trailer lights you can tape them on as markers)
* wheel chocks
* floor jack and four arm tire iron (you might not always have room to drive up on one of those tire changing ramps)

For the horses:
* two five gallon water containers
* emergency first aid kit (vet wrap, antibiotic wound ointment, antibacterial wound wash, heavy pads for cuts-disposable diapers work well, gauze, tetanus booster shot, etc)
* hoof boots in case you lose a shoe

I'm sure I could list a lot more but these are things I carried regularly back in my endurance days.

Leah Fry said...

Can't help you there. I have a stock trailer, so everything except horses gets tossed in the back of the SUV.

Gail said...

No help here, I have no trailer.

Enjoy the organizing. After you have a couple of trips, you will know more what you need.

Shirley said...

Life at Stars Rest covered most of it; I'd add one of those 4 prong hooks for hanging bridles and halters,they are movable so if you go to a show you can hang it by your stall.
WD40 for the hitch if it gets all gritty, also to spray on the lug nuts if they won't come off easily if you get a flat.
The hay bags could go in one of those flat under-the-bed containers designed to hold blankets; then it could go on the floor or behind the hay container, and any stray chaff in them would be contained.
For your horse blankets, rain sheets, fly sheets, you could string a rope from one end of the hooks on the wall to the other end.
And last but not least, an old pillow for Roxie, assistant extraordinaire!

Breathe said...

Wow, Carmon. I guess I better get busy. LOL

Shirley, great additions. I love the idea of the underbed containers.

Leah, I almost bought a stock trailer, but since our truck is a work truck I'd be constantly packing. I think more horses will get in a stock trailer.

Gail, I just got this trailer in 2009, it's my first, and I'm like a kid with a new car. :D

cdncowgirl said...

You've got lots of good tips here.

If you are interested in those trailer door caddies they do also come in a smaller size.
In my trailer I have a rubber ramp thingy that you can drive up on if you need to change a tire.

allhorsestuff said...

How fun!!! I love to get organised...still working a bit on my new-to-me trailer too.
I will take pics of it for you and post it...should be a fun post.
Carmon has good ideas for the saftely end of the load(I have all that too)..I will be more artistic with my approach.

Paint Girl said...

I love organization, and trailer organization is key! I have the thing that hangs on my tack room door. It works great for all grooming supplies, vet wrap etc. Has open pockets and zippered pockets, and I do believe they come in smaller sizes.
We have the trailer ramp that you can order out of any tack catalog, that in case you get a flat tire, you can drive your trailer tire up on it. Haven't had to use it yet.
I always keep a first aid kit for horses and humans.
Duct tape, baling twine, hammer, screwdrivers, spare halter and lead ropes, spare off billets, spare everything. I use plastic bins for feed also. Actually for grain, hay goes in the back of the truck. I also use plastic bins for organization of smaller horse items, like SMB boots, hay bags, salt blocks. I use the big zipper bags for fly sheets and blankets, with each horses name on the outside.
I think you have a good start, and have fun organizing your tack room!!