Friday, April 9, 2010

The Countdown Begins C -5

I realized today that I have not taken a trip away from my children for my own ... entertainment, for the lack of a better term... since they were born. I've traveled for work, and I've lingered half a day to see the sites, but I've never just gone off on my own.

I prefer it that way. I love my girls dearly, and I miss them when I travel for work. I wish I could be there to absorb them into my arms every day when they are dashing out of school. I cut work trips short, always missing the closing day because I just want to be home with them.

But I have a pretty intense glee about this clinic. Hence the countdown - C-5 (clinic -5 days to go)

In fact, just two days ago I was at the Gaylord in Dallas (which, by the way, is unbelievably stunning and we should have a equine blogger convention there and get spa treatments) when I saw this.

That was it. All I could think about for the rest of the conference was the clinic. Isn't that pathetic? I must have bored at least 4 people yaking about it.

Forgetting, of course, that going on and on about horses is strictly for the blog, because otherwise you embarrass yourself.

Is there such a thing as clinic fever?

Today we went out to get our shots and coggins.

Cibolo wasn't thrilled to see me, but he warmed up once I got him and jumped right in the trailer.

And out.

And in.

He's funny that way.

Lily got in with that matter of a fact air. I spotted a wasp in the trailer just in time and managed to smash it before we had a trailer rodeo.


At the vet both horses were perfect. No problem with shots or that nasty straw up the nose. Lily managed to sneeze all over this nice guy's shirt.

Before that he called both my horses "dulce", because they are so sweet natured. He had this neat technique of grabbing leaves from the ground and throwing them in the air to get the horse's attention for a photo. It made me laugh. I guess the coggins is sort of like a driver's license photo.

I hear stories about horses that have a heck of a time with shots. Nothing like a 1,000 pounds worth of "don't get that needle near me!". Glad I've got model patients.

We have to postpone floating until next month. Too many expenses in April. Fortunately I should see a little extra money this month, so it'll help.

Cibolo was not interested in loading on the way back, and I knew why. First the guy was trying to help me, but it was just distracting to Cibolo. Then another horse was calling out from inside the clinic, shouting "Don't get in there, Man! Don't do it!" or something along those lines.

At first I felt like I was getting frazzled, then I relaxed and realized what he needed. When I had his attention, I stopped sending him in and walked in with him. We hung out in the trailer for a minute. Then I backed him out.

This is the hardest part of training for trailer loading for me. You spend all that time getting them in, then you take them out instead of trying to shut the door. Even though you desperately want to shut the door and MOVE ON. But he just needed that reminder. Trailer is a good place. We did it one more time, then I sent him in and he loaded.

And Lily just jumped in.

With the coggins out of the way all we have to do is get the trailer ready. I hope the boots arrive in time. I'd really like to use them there...

Thanks for putting up with all this. I can't wait!


Michaela said...

Wow that IS a wonderful picture. A horse blogger convention with spa treatments - SOOOOO much fun. I would wear my cowboy boots and my RM Williams outfit. Yee-ha!

jacksonsgrrl said...

I need to teach you how to give shots girl! I do all mine but Rabies. Also, you never know when your horse could colic and u need to give Banamine.... but only if u want to learn. I'm an old vet tech, now RN, but my way isn't for everyone! When u get Cibolo's teeth done, remind them to go in and get out the bean while he's drugged and his sheath will come down. I had I'd teeth done on Wed. And the bean was gihugic! Then he had 2 more... what's up for clinic accomadations? Lemme know!

Shirley said...

A clinic is a great way to start your year; I'd be excited too! I love Lily's ears, I call those kind of ears "airplane ears" because they go out like wings. I've heard it said that horses with ears like that are very sweet natured, do-anything types.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Have a wonderful time at the clinic. The horses look good, I hope they have fun too

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Tood bad you couldn't get the floating done, but I understand about the finances thing. I'm still reeling over the $430 vet bill from last month for Apache's floating and coggins and vax. And this week we've got to take her back in for her booster vax. Another $100+ for that visit. And John has been unemployed since January. eeek!
Horses are never cheap, that's for sure.

Did the vet really take a photo for the coggins? Mine was just a yellow certificate copy. No photo, just some drawings of markings and such.

I don't back my horse out of the trailer once I get her in. I want her to know I don't want her to leave when she's in until it's time to leave for good. I don't want my horse to hop in and then hop out right away. Leaving the trailer is easy. Waiting and standing inside the trailer is not. So that's what I focus on.

So exciting that you're going to the clinic. I wish I could swing something like that in my budget, but after all these vet bills, that's not going to happen for a while.